Pax 3 Handheld Vape Unit On Sale Today

Pax 3 has witnessed some of the most remarkable improvements over its previous vaporizers as it has far more attractive and beneficial features that are offered to the smokers. These are Bluetooth enabled herbal vaporizer that comes with amazing software and hardware that powers this device so that it can function appropriately. Its puffs are great with hash oil and cannabis flower as smokers will not have to wait long to use this device as its startup time has been reduced considerably for getting high immediately. It can also be called as the coolest and newest version of portable vaporizers that is completely worth your money.  The Pax 3 is a high quality, premium style vape, please click the link within this sentence to buy it online at the cheapest possible price that we have seen.

Pax 3 comes with rebooted system as Pax Labs has changed the way the material is heated inside the vaporizer that eventually allows for a smooth as well as consistent hits of the vapor in as less as 15 seconds time. The weight of this device is same as its predecessor but its batter life last longer which provides an amazing experience while using this device for vaping. The multi-tool offered along with this device is especially very beneficial as it helps in packing and emptying the oven so that it can function optimally. It also has quick start up guide with device information and instructions for making the maintenance of this device easy, simple and quick. The maintenance kit consists of small brush and pipe cleaners for helping the smokers to clean the air path as well as keeping the device in top condition.

Contents Of The Package With This Portable Vaporizer

This Pax 3 device comes with two mouthpieces and three chamber covers that can be used according to the needs and requirements of the smokers. The use of wax is facilitated with the concentrate insert while the three replacement screens help in the efficient use of the device. The design of Pax 3 is different from Pax2 as it is available with flat mouthpiece that is inserted out of the box as it suit flush without sticking out of the vaporizer. The flat mouthpiece is far more convenient and easy to use as it offers better vaping experience to the smokers. The heating chamber or oven is available with three options where one is for concentrates while two is for dry herb.  To learn more about other products by Ploom please check out

Smokers can use Pax 3 immediately after turning it on and the lip sensor will detect whether the smokers is drawing it or not as it will automatically turn the temperature down. This vaporizer has been gaining immense popularity among people who loves vaping as it heats and vapes faster. The heating time has been considerable increased than its predecessor as it takes a lesser time for reaching the vaping temperatures. This has been achieved because of the use of CO2 cartridges that has been pre-loaded for providing users with tuned and efficient puffs for an amazing vaping experience. Pax 3 vaporizer has been popular due to its vapor production capability as the users will need to breathe deeply for getting a solid stream, of air as pacing require practice so that you can get the desired outcome.