Medical Marijuana As A Treatment For Chronic Pain

Medical Marijuana – What The Future Has In Store For It written by: Torrents Cannabis as it is also known marijuana for many decades and perhaps for centuries has been classified as a drug and has been either on the banned list or restricted list. It is used for treatment of some diseases and mostly it is considered to be a painkiller which is quite effective when it comes to managing severe to extreme pain conditions. It has been used quite often for treating pain conditions associated with terminal diseases like cancer. Further whenever there is an amputation or other such severing of body parts medical marijuana has been found to be extremely useful drug. It belongs to the narcotic group of drug and therefore its use is extremely limited and stymied in many cases.

It Could Set New Benchmarks In Pain Management

Research over the past many years has evidence to suggest that branding cannabis as a habit forming drug could be a wrong way of looking at this potentially game changing medication tool. However, there are many laws across the country which have strict limitations when it comes to using cannabis as a drug for managing pain except perhaps for some specified conditions. The laws no doubt need a relook because today pain management is a major challenge now and given the changing lifestyles crippling and disabling pain could be a bit drain on the economic activity of thousands of persons.

The New Regime Could Hold Out Some Promise

Now that we have a new dispensation in the Federal setup, there are reasons to believe that there will be a new perspective when it comes to the overall outlook of medical marijuana is concerned. There are moves afoot to legalize the use of cannabis and make it as a part of the scheduled drug for pain management and other such reasons. It would be pertinent to mention here that cannabis is also known to have a lot of other benefits too. For example, some studies have suggested that it could be a great medicine for repairing broken bones and giving new life to those suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis and other such bone related problems.

New Methods Of Consuming Cannabis

One of the biggest challenges for broad basing the use of cannabis is perhaps because it has a high percentage of being misused. Yes, this is not untrue and there have been many instances where it has been used much more than a psychotropic drug. It has been misused and has become a big risk as far as substance abuse is concerned. However, this does not in any way justify not prescribing the drug to those who perhaps could derive a lot of benefits out of it.

What Needs To Be Done

Instead of blacklisting and severely curtailing the use of medical marijuana a better way forward would be to have a relook at the legislation and loosen the vice-like grip on the use of this naturally occurring drug. It would be better to bring in controlled use of the product. It could be used in the form of an inhaler and a few puffs a day or as following the dosages of the doctor could go a long way in helping people to take advantage of the various benefits associated with cannabis. The latest finding regarding cannabis are quite exciting. It has been researched and found that using cannabis in the form of inhalable shots or in the form of oil could be the answer for treating advanced cases of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and even some chronic and life-threatening forms of asthma.

Management Of Pain Associated With Terminal Illnesses

Cancer is a deadly disease and one of the biggest challenges for the medical fraternity is management of pain when the disease goes beyond control and reaches a state of metastasis. In such cases, even the most potent conventional pain killers may not have too much of impact. The pain can be excruciating and traumatic and for such patient there are reasons to believe that treating them with controlled doses of cannabis in an inhalable form could make a big difference. It may not cure the disease but certainly the patients during the last days of their life will be able to manage pain in a much better fashion.


Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that cannabis has a great future ahead of it provided one is able to understand the benefits and the government also takes a more proactive approach to making it easily available for certain medical conditions.

Pax 3 Handheld Vape Unit On Sale Today

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Contents Of The Package With This Portable Vaporizer

This Pax 3 device comes with two mouthpieces and three chamber covers that can be used according to the needs and requirements of the smokers. The use of wax is facilitated with the concentrate insert while the three replacement screens help in the efficient use of the device. The design of Pax 3 is different from Pax2 as it is available with flat mouthpiece that is inserted out of the box as it suit flush without sticking out of the vaporizer. The flat mouthpiece is far more convenient and easy to use as it offers better vaping experience to the smokers. The heating chamber or oven is available with three options where one is for concentrates while two is for dry herb.  To learn more about other products by Ploom please check out

Smokers can use Pax 3 immediately after turning it on and the lip sensor will detect whether the smokers is drawing it or not as it will automatically turn the temperature down. This vaporizer has been gaining immense popularity among people who loves vaping as it heats and vapes faster. The heating time has been considerable increased than its predecessor as it takes a lesser time for reaching the vaping temperatures. This has been achieved because of the use of CO2 cartridges that has been pre-loaded for providing users with tuned and efficient puffs for an amazing vaping experience. Pax 3 vaporizer has been popular due to its vapor production capability as the users will need to breathe deeply for getting a solid stream, of air as pacing require practice so that you can get the desired outcome.

The Boundless CFX Vaporizer

cfx vaporizer by boundless vapesThe Boundless CFX  is a vaporizer that hits like a ton of bricks, has a large chamber, long battery life, clean finish, and isn’t a million dollars. It is a straightforward and functional in all the right ways and has even more custom features that promise ease of use than the CF. Your dried herb has nowhere to hide in this all ceramic, perfectly heated chamber. By using an airflow passage that circulates heated air through the oven, the CFX vape can generate massive amounts of vapor akin to an actual rip. You determine the ideal temperature settings with the visible display that allows you to decide exactly how powerful of a hit you want and the large 2500mAH battery will provide ongoing power for massive rips from sunup to sundown and has the fastest heat up time of any other vaporizer. The CFX has a 5-minute auto shut-off to preserve battery life. We get 15-20, 5-minute sessions on a full charge. It takes about 2- 3 hours to charge back up with the included USB cable fully.

The CFX has a combination heating system. It’s mostly conduction as the bowl generates a lot of heat and the contact area is huge. There is no herb chamber available in the portable vaporizer market that can hold what the CFX can. It has a heating chamber below the bowl that passes the hot air through the cannabis, giving a partially convected vapor, but this is mainly a conduction vape.

The Boundless CFX has a rubberized cutter coating to the plastic housing for the internals. It’s quite bulky and almost not portable but does not feel cheap in the least. The mouthpiece has a nice feel and size to it and the airflow is not restrictive.

The Boundless CFX is relatively easy to clean. A quick Q-Tip wipe in the chamber and a brush to the screen and you’re set for the day to day care.

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The Boundless CFX comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. That is customer care at it’s best!

Product Information:

  • Battery: Lithium-Ion, 2500mAh, 7.4v
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  • Warranty: 1 year +100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Arizona Proposition 203 Basic Information

Proposition 203 was the fourth time that voters in the state of Arizona got the chance to vote yes or no on a medical marijuana ballot that allows patients safe access to the drug in serious life or death situations.  If you would like to support this legalization initiative and other future ones within these borders then you should definitely get in touch with us today, and we will put you in touch with someone who has more insight on this topic and can help get you situated in your daily life.

Arizona’s medical marijuana initiative does the following:

  • Allows terminally and seriously ill patients who find relief from marijuana to use it with their doctors’ approval.
  • Protects seriously ill patients from arrest and prosecution for the simple act of taking their doctor-recommended medicine.
  • Permits qualifying patients or their caregivers to legally purchase their medicine from tightly regulated clinics, as they would any other medicine—so they need not purchase it from the criminal market.
  • Permits qualifying patients or their caregivers to cultivate their own marijuana for medical use if a regulated medical marijuana clinic is not located within 25 miles of the qualifying patient.
  • Creates registry identification cards, so that law enforcement officials could easily tell who was a registered patient, and establish penalties for false statements and fraudulent ID cards.
  • Allows patients and their caregivers who are arrested to discuss their medical use in court.
  • Keeps commonsense restrictions on the medical use of marijuana, including prohibitions on public use of marijuana and driving under the influence of marijuana.